Re-engineering & Migration

Where are the resources to rewrite and re-engineer mainframe and client/server applications onto newer platforms? Organizations that have acquired a complex network of legacy applications can free resources for other critical requirements, achieve greater efficiencies and derive more value from their existing applications by consolidating applications on fewer platforms using technologies that are more in tune with business requirements. This is where BITECH’s proven methodologies in this area come in handy.

Over the years, organizations have acquired a complex network of legacy applications. Sometimes these legacy applications co-exist with separately developed applications using newer technologies. Running such a setup can be a big drain on resources.

BITECH’s re-engineering and migration service helps organizations to consolidate on fewer platforms and integrate applications more effectively. This may involve migration across platforms, databases and operating systems. BITECH also re-engineers applications in response to changes in regulations or other environmental factors.

Our professionals are experienced in a variety of technologies and have multiple skills that can be immediately deployed on cross-platform re-engineering and migration projects.

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